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We worked out a custom typeface for Elixia, one of Europe’s leading health and fitness chains. Inspired by the digital displays on fitness machines, it feels modern, fit and ready for action.


Sats Elixia is the second largest fitness company in Europe. It has 8000 employees, 418,000 members and runs 160 health clubs. We updated the Elixia brand identity with a new interiors concept, including a new custom display typeface for large-scale wayfinding. This has been rolled out across nine premises, covering more than 18,000 square meters.

The Brief

Elixia was repositioning its identity. Establishing an eye-catching, impactful font that could be used across their fitness sites as well as online was central to this brand overhaul. The font also needed to feel modern and portray a technical vibe.

  • Delivery

    Together with F37 we managed to create something ownable but still flexible enough for various situations and needs — combining the futuristic energy of Wim Crouwels parametric New Alphabet, with the legibility and timelessness of digital numerals.

    Carl Nas — Creative Director, CNA

    We created unique letterforms inspired by Dutch design legend Wim Crouwel. These were reminiscent of the digital displays found on fitness machines, to address the technical side of the brief and to resonate with Elixia’s brand and audience.

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