F37® Foundry


F37® Foundry is set up for every aspect of brand-asset creation. From creating comprehensive font families to logos and localisation. We’re here to steer & support you every typographic step of the way.


design & optimisation

We work with agencies the world over to design, hone and optically refine brand logos and logotypes. These highly visible, powerful assets need considerable typographic care and attention.


Logotype design and optical crafting for Expedia, one of the World's biggest online travel shopping companies. Commission: Greene & Sons


Logo crafting and optical refinement for Gousto — the award-winning food box company making home cooking simple. Commission: Superunion


Channel numbers for one of the biggest commercial TV networks in the UK. Commission: Dixon Baxi

Serpentine Gallery

Variable logo and optical refinement for Serpentine Gallery, a free-entry, world-renowned art gallery. Commission: Hingston Studio


language expansion

Looking to expand your business to new markets in different languages? F37® Foundry can add new character sets and glyphs to successfully transport your brand type across the world. And the really good news is, you don’t have change your whole type system.

Baskin Robbins

We worked with Baskin Robbins to design the Japanese and Taiwanese versions of their famous 31 logo. Commission: Dunkin' Brands Inc


Arabic version of a modified F37 Attila for global broadcast company, SSC. Commission: We Are Works



OpenType® features can add specialised typographic traits to your typeface to make it more relevant and individual to you. We can code everything from conventional ligatures to quirky contextual twists. Or even mimic language-specific spellings, if you need them.


Color Fonts


Color Fonts are fonts with predefined colour palettes and effects applied within the font files. Whilst it may sound simple to do yourself (i.e. choose a font and select a colour), having your typeface set with distinctive effects designed from scratch, ensures uniqueness and guarantees that all those working with your font don’t slip up when trying to match the colour and/or effect themselves.



technical development

Hinting (or screen optimising) is about giving subtle instruction from the font to the screen’s renderer so they’re more legible when there are limited pixels to display on. All fonts work well at large sizes and on high-resolution screens, but we’ll make sure your font stays crisp in smaller sizes and lower resolutions digital environments too.


Whether you need a new logotype or an updated cut, a font that speaks the local language, some modification, coding or hinting, we can get your type looking just how you want it to.

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