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SSC rebrand called for a bespoke version of our characterful, yet contemporary font, F37 Attila



Saudi Sports Company (SSC) is the only sports broadcaster in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and was established in 2021. SSC is the exclusive owner of the rights of television broadcasting of Saudi Professional League, Saudi Arabia’s Kings Cup, and Saudi Super Cup. 

SSC wanted a rebrand to maintain its contemporary branding whilst appealing to the demographic of under 30.

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WORKS chose F37 Attila as a starting point for the modification. Ochre particularly focused on the unique kicks combined with a sturdy geometric sans as the reason for choosing F37 Attila.

F37 Attila has a lot of personality, however, the font needed to be customised to cater towards to challenges of being a universal channel font. Attila was required to have reliable resolution and flexibility in sizing. F37 designed new characters such as a double storey ‘a’ and ‘g’ that were more recognisable than their single storey counterparts at small sizes or low-resolution environments. Counter spaces and apertures were also opened for this reason.

The Arabic script was designed in a Naskh/Kufic hybrid style. This gave the design the flexibility to be legible and comfortable at small sizes, while remaining contemporary and crisp in large sizes. The Arabic and the Latin are designed to work effortlessly as a multi-lingual system and continue to respect each scripts typographic history. This synergy can be seen throughout the two scripts in features such as: Vertical proportions, low contrast stroke modulation, open counters, rigid out-strokes, diagonally cut vertical strokes, diamond dots, as well as many more subtle links.


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The ambition of the SSC brand was to establish a progressive and timeless identity that spoke locally and globally. It had to be rooted in the past with one foot firmly in the future. As we established an aesthetical direction for the SSC brand and we needed a typeface to marry them needs, a typeface that could lend its self to the corporate identity whilst also being fresh enough to live in outward facing onscreen side of the brand. 

We were Looking for a well-crafted typeface that would communicate effectively across the whole identity and a multitude mediums, something with a degree of edge, whilst maintaining sophistication and nuances to add the right of tone of voice for a sports network. F37 was a go to Foundry for us and Attila quickly ticked a lot of the boxes we needed, however we needed to add cultural relevance to it and also develop a full Arabic version + an 100% ownable licence to make it exclusive to the client. F37 were outstanding, they really understood the needs and application and quickly helped us develop a unique brand font that will sit at the heart of the identity for some time. F37 are the go to foundry for fonts that are well constructed, well-crafted and distinctive. They know how to create typographic tone’s that hit the right notes, familiarity and elegantly irreverent. 

Jonny O'Reardon — Creative Director, Works

Arabic extension

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