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Modified Fonts

We can modify our existing fonts to make them personal to you. From subtle tweaks and fine enhancements to more extensive customisations. Expressive, emotive and engaging, they convey the character of your brand, adding real commercial value, wherever in the world you do business.

TNT Sports

We created two athletic-modified fonts for TNT Sports, based on F37 Judge and F37 Wicklow, to tee up the launch of the new brand.


A diverse family of fonts built from F37 Zagma that perfectly embodies the new, digital-first experience of broadcasting giant, ITV.


A modified version of F37 Moon was the perfect choice when HBO Max became simply Max in April 2023, after WarnerMedia merged with Discovery, creating a new company called Warner Bros. Discovery.


The way you present your messages typographically becomes a part of who you are and how you connect to customers.

Creating a modified F37® typeface is a valuable, worthwhile and often quicker alternative to creating a custom font from scratch.


GSK chose F37 Jan as a starting point to build on a functional type element (the ink trap) to perfectly demonstrate an aesthetic feature of what the brand stands for.

How it works

Unlike with a custom fonts where you’re starting from scratch, there is already a working typeface to build upon. Whilst we can look to build minor or significant changes to the design, we need to make sure that such modifications are not the same as those completed for other clients who own exclusive rights. Also, we need to ensure that any proposed modifications don’t compromise the consistency and design aesthetic of the typeface.

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Fujitsu’s brand refresh focused on using F37 Ginger as a starting point in sharpening its image to remain modern and impactful whilst aiming for a more sustainable future.


Barbour updated its brand font to F37 Ginger, with a modified ‘a’ glyph to add a modern twist whilst retaining a sense of stability and confidence.


F37® were commissioned to develop a compact, but versatile type family from F37 Incise for the Dubai-based real estate giants, Nakheel.


A jam-packed modification to the well-loved brand, Dunkin' using the latest Color Font technology.


SSC rebrand called for a bespoke version of our characterful, yet contemporary font, F37 Attila


High-street stalwart Boots was looking a bit jaded, but a dose of F37 Ginger had it back to the best of health.


F37 Judge was the perfect choice to establish a campaigning pair of fonts for the loud and proud LGBTQ+ charity.

Ping It

Pingit uses a rounded, customised version of F37 Ginger to create a friendly, streamlined look, reflecting its speed and ease of use.


Modified glyphs from F37 Moon and F37 Bolton were the perfect choice for the rebrand of the free pharmaceutical coupons app, who aim to humanise the healthcare process and make the experience simple and inclusive.

William Grant & Sons

Classic and classy, a customised version of our F37 Bergman typeface proved the flawless fit for our premium Scotch whisky client, William Grant & Sons.


Our modified F37 Ginger for UK greetings card giant Moonpig perfectly captured its mantra ‘life is more light-hearted on the moon”. Random, wobbly and fun, it’s modern, quirky and accessible.

Whether you’re after a modified font family with global language support, or would like us to work to a more focused, specific brief, our typographic devotion and precision can help your brand stand out.

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