Custom Fonts

A custom font adds something unique and ownable to your brand. It’s an extremely powerful asset, sitting at the core of a brand identity and distinguishing you from your competitors.


A pair of bespoke font families for EA SPORTS FC, which is hailed as the interactive future of football.


A team of footballing fonts for Australia’s combined men’s, women’s, youth and e-sports league.


A change of clothes for one of the UK’s top online fashion and homeware brands.

How it works

The way you present your messages typographically becomes a part of who you are and how you connect to customers.

A custom brand font is deeply ingrained in a brand’s identity. It works away tirelessly and seamlessly, even when other brand assets such as colour, logo or imagery aren’t around. Brands face all kinds of challenges every day, from keeping up with the competition, to making sure their messages stay strong and aligned. Used consistently and strategically, custom brand fonts can help amplify your brand and increase its value.

Baskin Robbins

A much cooler, but still gently playful new brand font, for the global ice-cream chain.

How it works

They separate you from your rivals, knit all your various brand elements together, and lay the foundations for you to connect with customers in an instantly recognisable way. Working closely with some of the world’s biggest brands, we design exclusive, original custom brand font families, which help them connect with their audiences every day and everywhere. We can help you express your brand values through typography that’s created to fit your look and voice perfectly.

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Cow & Gate

Type for tots … a playful, charming font with lots of quirky details for the leading baby food brand.


A shiny new font that captures the effect of light glinting on foil.

Kick It Out

Some box-fresh typographic kit for the football equality charity Kick It Out.

British Heart Foundation

A playful, free-flowing font, which used the UK health charity’s existing logo as a starting point.


A font based on signwriting found in Mexican street markets for a popular UK restaurant chain.


A gloriously geometric font, expressing the future focus of India’s fastest broadband provider.

Stella Artois

Engineering a stellar font in collaboration with world renowned lettering artist, Alison Carmichael.

Major League Soccer

A typographic utility player for MLS, that can more than hold its own in print or on screen.


Excitement, movement, style and flourish — our MLS font is designed to reflect the beautiful game in the US.


A characterful custom font that delivers for the online grocery company.

Foot Locker

A bespoke font that gets to the heart and sole of the Foot Locker brand.


Miles of smiles … a friendly font with a cheeky grin for AO, the UK’s leading online emporium for household appliances and electricals.

ZIP by Premier Inn

Bold, confident and strictly no-frills — just the font for a new type of budget hotel.


Say cheese. A family of heart-warming custom fonts that hark back to the pasta.

Whether you’re after a custom font family with global language support, or would like us to work to a more focused, specific brief, our typographic devotion and precision can help your brand stand out.

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