F37® Foundry



Fujitsu is a Japanese technology company that specializes in consumer and industrial electronics. Fujitsu’s products include servers, PCs, laptops, media centres, tablets, storage hardware, displays, air conditioning and heat pump units.



F37® were commissioned by Interbrand to work on a new custom typeface for Fujitsu, as the brand decided to sharpen their brand image. F37® came up with Fujitsu Infinity. We used F37 Ginger as a starting point, developing 6 different weights to compliment the new brand image. This typeface family was designed with warmth and openness at its core and is well-placed for greater legibility and accessibility across all print and digital communications.

Fujitsu Infinity needed to work across print and web and in all sizes. This meant that F37 Ginger, a geometric typeface typically used for mid to large point sizes, would need to undergo a number of changes. To optimise the versatility of F37 Ginger we increased the x-height, spacing and size of punctuation, while reducing the capital height and opening apertures. Further modifications were made to several characters with similar letter shapes.

Type detail

F37's work on the Fujitsu rebrand was intrinsic to helping us create an inclusive and accessible brand expression. F37® worked in a truly collaborative way to achieve our ambitions for this project. Their great advice, opinions and ideas were matched by their skillful execution. This was a huge project with myriad pressures and deadlines and F37® were a partner that we could trust and rely on throughout.

Rick Sellars, Creative Director — Interbrand