F37® Foundry


A jam-packed modification to the well-loved brand, Dunkin' using the latest Color Font technology.



Dunkin Donuts, established in 1950 in Massachusetts, is a world-leading baked goods and coffee chain. It is predominantly known for its substantial variety of donuts, serving over 50 flavours daily across the world. Dunkin' is well known for its branding, using unapologetic bright colours and shapes, taking the coffee and donut business to a whole new level. 



Working alongside agency JKR we have created a modification on the standard font for Dunkin’. We were asked to take Dunkin’ corporate font, and donut-a-fy it into 4 scrumptious flavours using the magic of Color Font technology. The flavours served up in font form; the classic and simply irreplaceable “Glazed”, the fun and flavourful “Strawberry Frosted” and “Vanilla Frosted”, and finally the controversial cream-filled delight that is “Boston Creme”. 
This was all made possible through Color Font technology. An innovation in font technology that allows for layering and assembling smaller elements that are assigned colours into a single font file. These Color Fonts have predefined colour palettes, taking the hassle out of matching colours and maintaining brand guidelines.