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Kick It Out

Anti-racism football charity Kick It Out needed a new font to match their new logo. We found the perfect formation (of letters) for them.


F37 were the perfect partner for this job. They brought our creative vision to life with meticulous craft, always pushing beyond what we had expected. They are highly collaborative and joy to work with and their passion for the work is evident in the final logo and typeface we are all incredibly proud of.

Sean Clarke — Design Director, Sky Creative

Tone of voice




Kick It Out champions equality and diversity in English football. An independent charity, it works in the professional game, at grassroots level, communities and education to challenge discrimination and effect positive change.

Kick It Out commissioned Sky Creative to up their game and refresh their branding. We were then tasked to optimise their new logotype and design a bespoke font to match. 

Sign Language


We began out by understanding and optimising their logo. This involved balancing the stroke weight, making the tapering more consistent, reducing the spacing slightly, and harmonising some of the joins in the letterforms.

Our game plan from there was to create a single-weight font with some of the personality traits of the logo. We started by cutting letters out of paper to create interesting rudimentary shapes. Making them irregular and with different heights gave them a handmade quality, as if they might have been stretched across a football. 2–0 to us. 

The signature ligature 'it' has been coded into the font so it automatically displays when typed.