F37® Foundry


Make me smile. We cooked up a warm, comforting custom font for Kraft Mac & Cheese.




The Kraft Heinz Company are the fifth-largest food and beverage company in the world, with eight $1 billion+ brands. Its Macaroni & Cheese brand has been on the menu for 84 years and counting. A look and feel refresh, including a shortened brand name ‘Mac & Cheese’, by branding gurus JKR aimed to build brand love by bringing the positive power of comfort to life. They came to us for help.

We were commissioned to create a custom font that added some flavour to the new-look brand. It needed convey the positive feeling comfort food delivers, with a subtle but unmistakable nod to the smiling noodle shape within the recognisable logo.



The result was Blue Box Sans — a family of four bespoke fonts taking its name inspiration from the company’s signature Blue Box dinner range, which launched in 1937.

The fun display headline styles ramp up the noodle references, with details like bowed stroke ends and flowing lines. Six alternate display letters (A, H, T, f, l and t) have gently curved crossbars, mimicking the classic macaroni pasta shape. The font family also features humanist joins, a large x-height and rounded corners for a nice friendly plump feel.

They’re complemented by a more straightforward body copy font, an elegant yet hardworking sans. Maybe that’s just mac, but without the cheese.


Blue Box Sans