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Stella Artois

The Life Artois is a global campaign by ad agency Mother, leaning on the drinks company’s long standing association with arts and film.


Handwriting fonts are notoriously tricky to design and program. The team at F37 had extensive knowledge of what exactly is required both typographically and technically, together with their attention to detail and tenacity mean that these types of jobs run really smoothly from concept to delivery and they're a valuable asset.

Alison Carmichael — Founder, Alison Carmichael Studio



The campaign aims to breathe new life into the famed brewing brand through colourful art direction bathed in warm tones. Titled The Life Artois, the term was coined to describe the mindset of Stella Artois being available at any time and anywhere.

Alison Carmichael was commissioned by Mother to produce a hand-written font for their campaign, The Life Artois. Our brief was to engineer her alphabet into a working font.



Working together with Alison, we looked at various scanning resolutions to find the perfect 'texture' for the font. Then it was a case of digitalising, engineering and kerning all of Alison's glyphs so the letters flowed together seemlessly.

We delivered a typeface with coded OpenType® features; contextual alternates and ligatures. For every letter there are 3 alternates, adding differentiation to repeating letters. This feature mimics real handwriting, giving the font a more human feel. The font supported the majority of central European countries.