Cow & Gate

Cow & Gate wanted a well-nourished typeface with oodles of personality and a few surprises thrown in. Our rounded, sans serif baby delivered on all fronts … and had plenty of bite too.


Design ideas


Founded in 1988, Cow & Gate started life as a UK-based dairy-products company, which then expanded into milk bottling, distribution, and baby-food production. Today, it’s a specialist baby-food brand, owned by Netherlands-based Numico.

Conran Design Group were asked to update Cow & Gate’s identity as part of a brand refresh. This involved creating a bespoke font to capture the personality of the brand as simply as possible. The typeface needed to feel well ‘nourished’ with heaps of personality — a warm, friendly character with natural quirks that raise a little smile.

OpenType features



Working with Conran Design Group, we designed a soft, friendly, rounded sans-serif. The font comes in four weights and features OpenType code to create random ‘bite marks’ out of the letters.

There are some endearing features designed into the font, like the exaggerated bump on the B to suggest a pregnant woman, and tittles and punctuation that look like squashed peas.