Based in Franklin Tennessee, Nutro is one of America’s oldest and biggest suppliers of dog and cat food.


The Iconic Player Marker

Super font family


Nutro has always been committed to using natural ingredients to support pet health and wellness. A heritage brand, it was keen to take this message to the next generation of pet parents through a new visual identity and campaign.

Nutro’s new visual identity includes logo, typeface and brand colours to help reflect the quality and pedigree of its food. The brand’s new design system was developed in partnership with creative agency Jones Knowles Ritchie.

JKR New York briefed us to create a full custom serif font in a single weight that sat well with the brand’s ethos and revised strategic direction. We were also asked to refine the logo.



There were three rounds of logo development before we moved on to the custom type. The swish or tail flowing from the initial cap N of ‘Nutro’ was used as the basis for plenty of characterful alternate elements, featuring extravagant swashes, flicks and interesting ligatures.

Nutro Sans features bracketed serifs, moderate contrast and a tall x-height. Its soft, rounded corners reference the logo and help to create a natural, approachable, organic feel through the typography.

We supplied the single-weight bespoke font in standard black and Nutro green versions.