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Super simple, super bold, super easy to use. Pizza Pilgrim’s typeface sits at the heart of its identity, helping to tell the irresistible story of the founders’ quest for authentic Neapolitan pizza.


Pizza Pilgrims is all about authenticity, importing chefs and ingredients direct from Naples. It was founded by two British brothers whose love for pizza drove them to make a pilgrimage to Italy to fully understand the art that goes into one of the world’s most popular dishes.

The Brief

Pizza Pilgrims is expanding, and its branding needed simplifying to work across multiple touchpoints. More importantly, they needed to focus the brand on their great story — a pizza pilgrimage across Italy.

  • Delivery

    The Pizza Pilgrims typeface is an important part of our identity. It’s fun, easily recognisable and features throughout all our comms which revolved around short, punchy phrases (and a lot of puns!). More importantly it allows our staff to create their own communications in a simple and cost effective, yet impactful way.

    Thom Elliot — Founder, Pizza Pilgrims

    As part of the Pizza Pilgrims rebrand, F37 was commissioned to design a super bold font with huge stand out. More importantly, this gave the in-house team freedom to create their own simple designs.

    The i’s in the logo refer to the two founders — brothers Thom and James Elliot. A simple van logo was also drawn, referencing the tiny Ape vehicle they used on their Italian pilgrimage … travelling at 15mph.

    Pizza Pilgrims Regular

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