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Project Font Licensed F37 Ginger

License F37 Ginger


Top Gear is a great British export. Has been for years. Our F37 Ginger font helped steer it across many different countries, capitalising on its popularity and making it more accessible all over the world.


Top Gear is one of the BBC’s most commercially successful programmes ever, broadcasting to an estimated global audience of over 350 million in 214 countries. Originally launched in 2002, it’s become engrained in British popular culture.

The Brief

For a global audience, often you need a global font solution. This was definitely the case for Top Gear, a world-renowned brand that needed an accessible leading headline font that could be translated into more than 50 different languages.

  • Delivery

    Top Gear went with F37 Ginger, a modern sans-serif font that could easily be localised for different international territories.

    We provided a bespoke Brand Font Licence agreement for the use of F37 Ginger as a main headline font for all publications, online media, and broadcasts worldwide.

    F37 Ginger BoldF37 Ginger RegularF37 Ginger Light
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