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Project Font Licensed F37 Bella

License F37 Bella


How do you convey ‘luxury lifestyle for the modern man’ in a typeface? Square Mile magazine placed its faith in F37 Bella for its covers and features, a smart move that made it feel cool, classy and collected.


Square Mile is a luxury men’s lifestyle magazine distributed in the City, London’s financial district. It features style, celebrity interviews, cool gadgets, cars, watches and more.

The Brief

Square Mile magazine wanted a contemporary typeface to use on its covers and feature articles. The look and feel of the typeface needed to appeal to its target audience — mainly high-net-worth males working in the City of London.

  • Delivery

    F37 Bella is a really stylish typeface. It helped to visually support the shift we made with the magazine to be more fashion and style focussed. Those razor-thin serifs are so distinctive ... it's an absolutely beautiful display font.

    Matthew Hasteley — Creative Director, Square Up Media

    Square Mile chose our award-winning F37 Bella as the lead headline face for covers and feature spreads. Classy, elegant, and sophisticated, the font tied in perfectly with the overall art direction of the magazine.

    Square Mile bought a Publishing Licence to use F37 Bella across its entire publishing group.

    F37 Bella Regular

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