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Project Font Licensed F37 Ginger

License F37 Ginger


OnHub is Google’s next-generation Wi-Fi system. It needed forward-facing, progressive typographic branding to reflect its status and ambition in ‘organising the world’s information’ … which is where F37 Ginger came into its own.


Google’s OnHub Wi-Fi system gives you ready-to-use internet that’s forward thinking, intuitive, and smart-home ready.

The Brief

Google needed a modern typographic aesthetic to communicate its thoroughly modern approach to Wi-Fi. Our brief was to provide a high-quality sans-serif font that felt suitably contemporary and progressive.

  • Delivery

    Google selected F37 Ginger as the main brand font for all its Google OnHub communications, including brand identity, online, offline, and original equipment manufacturing.

    To this end, we provided a Brand Font Licence to meet Google’s needs from a design and quality font software perspective.

    F37 Ginger Bold
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