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Project Font Licensed F37 Jagger

License F37 Jagger


Beautifully designed, technically sophisticated, a customised version of our F37 Jagger typeface was a perfect marriage for our client Dunlop.


After 130 years as a strong player in racket sports, Dunlop’s brand presence had slowly diminished over the years. It was time to revive this iconic heritage brand.

The Brief

Design agency Orangery Creative came in as strategic and creative partner. Its brief was to help reconnect Dunlop with its consumers through a meaningful and relevant brand message and to create a visual identity to sum up the new Dunlop.

  • Delivery

    Following recent acquisition the Dunlop racket sports brand needed a new brand and marketing strategy and with that a new visual identity. F37 Jagger provided us with the perfect font to modernise and future proof our typography which plays a key role across all brand touchpoints.

    Jamie Douglas – Global Marketing Director, Dunlop

    F37 Jagger was chosen as it allowed individual racket sports to create their own tempo, but still be part of the overall Dunlop look and feel.

    Working with Dunlop, we developed a customised cut of the font. The result was a unique, modern sans-serif called Dunlop Sans. This sits at the heart of the new brand’s visual identity, ensuring all touchpoints are consistent.

    Dunlop Sans BoldDunlop Sans RegularDunlop Sans Light
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