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Project Font Licensed F37 Ginger

License F37 Ginger


High-street stalwart Boots was looking a bit jaded, but a dose of F37 Ginger had her back to the best of health


Boots, the pharmacist-beauty chain, is a familiar sight on the British High Street. Its branding hadn’t changed much since the 1960s and was starting to look a little tired, so a thorough refresh was in order.

The Brief

We were commissioned by Coley Porter Bell and True Story to create a customised version of F37 Ginger as part of an extensive rebrand of the high-street chemist across 1000’s of stores, their website, apps, social platforms and campaigns.


  • Transform Silver — Best visual identity from the retail sector
  • Transform Bronze — Best use of typography

  • Delivery

    F37 Ginger is a pleasing, contemporary-looking sans serif face that’s versatile and friendly.

    We specially created a bespoke version that’s more precise and modern by redrawing sharper terminals and straighter lines, moving away from the cuddly rounded sans Boots had used previously.

    Boots BoldBoots RegularBoots LightBoots Thin
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