F37® Foundry



The team at F37® played a huge part in the award-winning rebrand for Moonpig, allowing us to successfully replace our old-fashioned cartoon logo with a modern yet fun logotype. The team were helpful, adaptable and innovative, delivering a unique typeface that formed a cornerstone of the brand’s visual identity.

James Turner — Creative Director, Moonpig



Based in London and Guernsey, Moonpig sells personalised greeting cards, flowers and gifts. The company has a 90% share of the online greeting card market in the UK, with nearly six million cards shipped each year.

Moonpig wanted a full rebrand to support its ambitions for growth. It needed to turn around perceptions of being a bit ‘cheap and cheerful’, but without losing the element of fun that had brought so much in the first place.

Lift-Off font



Working together with Ian Styles, Simon Smith, Stuart Hammersley and Moonpig’s in-house creative team, we created and developed a custom bespoke type family that plays a key role in Moonpig’s new brand identity. We used our F37 Ginger type family as the foundation, creating a new Demi weight called Moonpig Lift-Off.

This weight features three styles of alternates, with random programming, giving it a playful yet structured execution. It consists of four subclasses: a regular class for the normal design of the characters; one for the ‘lift’ characters; another for the ‘wobbly’ characters; and the last for a more complex group of characters that ‘shake’. We developed a digital script based on quantum mechanics, that considered contextual character placement. This allowed for more randomness when typing out the font.


— D&AD Wood Pencil for Logo
— Transform Silver Award for Typography
— Selected for Creative Review Annual 2018
— Design Week’s Top 10 Logos of 2017