F37® Foundry



GoodRx is a free pharmacy coupons app that helps millions of Americans save money on pills, prescription drugs & medical costs. They track prescription drug prices in the United States and provide free drug coupons for discounts on medications. GoodRx checks more than 75,000 pharmacies in the United States.



In a rebrand, New York-based Gretel used F37 Foundry’s fonts F37 Moon and F37 Bolton to create their new logo and typography, giving a versatile and contemporary look complimenting the brand’s pharmaceutical image. 

F37 Bolton was used unmodified throughout the rebrand — and is robust enough for long copy at small point sizes. 

F37 Moon was modified to reflect the overarching concepts Gretel had created in the rebrand. This included a new ‘G’ directly related to the new logo for GoodRx. Round dots replaced the previous square dots to give the typeface a more approachable feel. Finally, a clearer ampersand aimed at improving accessibility compared to the more stylised original character.



F37 Moon’s mix of character and clarity struck the perfect balance for our client. From our initial discussions through licensing and customization, F37® was thoughtful and thorough.

Dylan Mulvaney, Head of Design, Gretal


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