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Jolly Rebellion is a creative agency that wants to do good as well as do good work. Taking our cue from illustrations by Andrew Rae, we created a bespoke typeface for its identity that’s full of quirky personality.


Jolly Rebellion is a London-based integrated creative agency. It strives to create ideas that do good for brands, people and the world. To solve the problems, they liberate ideas into anything from a film to a Facebook campaign, to a piece of IP.

The Brief

For its identity, Jolly Rebellion wanted a bespoke, geometric typeface based on the illustrations used on its website by Andrew Rae.

  • Delivery

    We asked F37 to create a Jolly Rebellion font for our brand new agency. We wanted a strong, fun headliner font. And he nailed it. We loved it so much we used it for our agency Christmas card in an idea that resonated with the creative community, had cultural context, and would do some good. We asked people to ‘Write off Trump’. Recipients downloaded the font for a devilish £6.66, and money raised went to three charities that tackled the effects of Trump. So ... F37’s craft skills can save the world!

    Cathy Hutton — Creative Director, Jolly Rebellion

    We created a striking, bold typeface with stylised, exaggerated features, based on lettering provided by Illustrator Andrew Rae. This integrated seamlessly with his illustration style, showcasing the agency’s interesting approach and philosophy.

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