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We created a pair of custom fonts for international online opticians EyeBuyDirect, based on the visual language of lenses and spectacle shapes.


EyeBuyDirect is a pioneering online-only retailer of prescription eyewear and sunglasses. Based in Austin, Texas, it designs and manufactures affordable glasses and ships them all over the world. They wanted a new look and feel that captured their forward-thinking and felt contemporary, classy and clever.

The Brief

We were commissioned by DesignStudio in Sydney to create a bespoke font that subtly suggested eyeglasses and gave EyeBuyDirect an instantly recognisable visual aesthetic.

  • Delivery

    As part of a brand refresh we partnered with Rick and the F37 team to concept and craft the Eyebuydirect headline and body typeface. Their ability to take a thought and a concept and explode it into a fully fledged beautiful type family helped us build a brand with the character and distinction we were searching for.

    James Duru — Creative Director, DesignStudio

    We designed unusual lettering based on a variety of lens shapes. The convex and concave shapes add character and quirkiness to the font, while rooting it firmly in the world of eyewear.

    In addition, we created a matching sans serif for body copy. This retains some of the character of the headline font, but is slightly more even, and suitable for longer chunks of text.

    As a typographic exercise for an eyewear brand, legibility was key, so a lot of work went into testing the letterforms at different sizes to make sure they were easy to read. One of the more specialist challenges was making sure the type would be clear and sharp when engraved on to the arms of glasses.

    EBD Bold CondensedEBD Sans BoldEBD Sans MediumEBD Sans RegularEBD Sans Light
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