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Project Font Licensed F37 Bergman

License F37 Bergman


Classic and classy, a customised version of our F37 Bergman typeface proved the flawless fit for our premium Scotch whisky client, William Grant & Sons.


William Grant & Sons is an independent, family-owned Scottish company which distils Scotch whisky and other spirits. It was established in 1887 by William Grant, and is now run by his descendants.

The Brief

We were approached by branding agency Smörgåsbord to work with them on developing a bespoke version of F37 Bergman for William Grant & Sons.

  • Delivery

    The team at F37 led by Rick were faultless; honest, open and positive discourse followed each efficiently phased delivery and all feedback was acted upon promptly. We charged Rick with taking (the already brilliant) ‘Bergman’ typeface in a different, slightly less period specific direction that would better suit our client and their product portfolio. Our expectations were duly exceeded and the typeface just gets better with each and every application as we get to further understand and appreciate its nuances.

    Dylan Griffith — Co-founder & Creative Director, Smörgåsbord

    The new font, renamed WG&S, was applied throughout the core identity (by Here Design) and the new platform ‘Meta’, which focuses on the higher-end of WG&S’ portfolio.

    The typeface’s graceful thick-and-thin curves were married in to a range of designs, which oozed luxury and sophistication.

    WG&S Headline BoldWG&S Headline RegularWG&S Headline Light
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