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With global beauty brand Treatwell, ‘beauty is only a booking away’. As part of a new brand identity, we created a customised version of F37 Ginger to match its personality, purpose and ambitions.


Treatwell is the largest hair and beauty bookings company in Europe. Its 24/7 beauty bookings platform puts customers in control — they can book at times and prices that suit, and there’s plenty of style know-how to help them look and feel amazing.

The Brief

Wahanda (Treatwell’s parent company) was growing rapidly, having bought up five brands across ten countries. These various brands needed to unite under a single identity, with a single purpose. Part of this process was to transform the brand from a beauty booking site, into a tastemaker and global influencer.

  • Delivery

    We needed a typeface for Treatwell with bags of personality to match its punchy tone of voice, bringing to life its marketing materials, while also working in multiple languages, across all devices. F37 worked with us to make stylistic changes to F37 Ginger, but kept all the great properties of the original typeface.


    We were approached by DesignStudio to help out on the Treatwell rebrand. Working with both the brand team and the design agency, we developed a customised cut of our F37 Ginger font family

    The result was a unique, modern sans-serif, named Treatwell Sans, that sat at the heart of the new brand’s visual identity.

    Treatwell Sans BoldTreatwell Sans RegularTreatwell Sans LightTreatwell Sans Thin
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