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Project Font Licensed F37 Bella

License F37 Bella


Selfridges Selection hand-picks the best of the best in artisanal food and drink. Its bespoke packaging showcases our supremely elegant F37 Bella font, to reflect the superb quality of the produce and the guiding thought ‘develop imagination, throw away routine.’


Ever since it was founded by Harry Gordon Selfridge in 1906, Selfridges has prided itself on the quality it offers. The only store to be crowned Best Department Store in the World four times over, it’s known for excellence, attention to detail, customer experience and the very finest artisanal products.

The Brief

Selfridges was launching a new range of hand-picked food and beverages called the ‘Selfridges Selection’, a collaboration with selected artisanal growers and producers from around the world. The brief was to communicate the ‘Selfridges Selection’ brand values and superb quality of produce.

  • Delivery

    Selfridges crafted a range of packaging for the ‘Selfridges Selection’ with our multi-award-winning typeface F37 Bella front and centre. Showcasing the contrasting thick curves and intricate hairlines of F37 Bella, our typeface was beautifully woven into the designs to reflect the exquisite quality of the produce inside.

    Selfridges bought a custom Brand Font Licence to use F37 Bella across the ‘Selfridges Selection’ range.

    F37 Bella Regular

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