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Project Font Licensed F37 Ginger Pro

License F37 Ginger Pro


Using the 1s and 0s of data as a visual cue, we created a bespoke version of Ginger Pro for Precisely, the newly formed business data specialist.


In 2019, Syncsort bought Pitney Bowes Software & Data to create a new leader in the data integrity sector called Precisely. Precisely helps businesses make fast, confident decisions based on accurate, consistent data. Archetype—Brands were commissioned to develop a new visual identity and bold new voice. They came up with the Precisely name.

The Brief

Archetype—Brands asked us to work with them to create a bespoke version of F37 Ginger Pro that would form an integral part of the new brand.

  • Delivery

    F37 are always a pleasure to work with. Ginger Pro was the perfect font for the brand and by making the mods to the l and t, this ensures it fits the brand like a glove. The craft on the r in the logo brings the vital layer of precision to the end result. The team worked through various rounds quickly and methodically and the client is super happy. The new font enhances the digital experience and even a PowerPoint slide somehow has a touch of class.

    David Moloney — Design Director, Archetype—Brands

    The Precisely identity starts with the 1s and 0s of data and reimagines these graphically to create a simple, powerful brand language. They then become the basis for animations and 3D expressions, used to communicate key brand moments and to bring the website to life.

    F37 Ginger Pro reflects the 1s and 0s with its precise geometry, suggesting pinpoint detail and accuracy. We modified the I and t to make them a closer match to the 1s and we redrew the r in the logo during the final fine-tuning stage.

    Precisely have a Brand Font licence, so they can apply the new font throughout their comms on every brand touchpoint.

    Precisely BoldPrecisely RegularPrecisely Light
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