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Project Font Licensed F37 Ginger

License F37 Ginger


PepsiCo’s foray into the carbonated water market used a modified version of F37 Ginger as the creative starting point for its branding strategy. As the commentators put it, ‘Pepsi sparkles with new drink Bubly’.


PepsiCo had plans to shake up the sparkling water market. With a brand-new range called Bubly in place, the global food and beverage company was looking to compete more strongly with market leaders LaCroix.

The Brief

We were approached by PepsiCo for a compelling, modern font to launch Bubly and make an immediate impact.


  • Beverage Digest Award for Best Packaging Design 2018

  • Delivery

    The bubly voice is upbeat and charismatic with a playfully modern aesthetic, which made F37 Ginger the perfect choice for our brand font. The customization added an additional level of distinction, while the quality and craftsmanship of the type ensures every engagement will make bubly fans smile.

    Mauro Porcini — SVP & Chief Design Officer, PepsiCo

    F37 Ginger was selected from a handful of the highest quality typefaces. We worked closely with the in-house creative team at PepsiCo to provide fonts that would work across global markets.

    Our Brand Font Enterprise License for F37 Ginger allowed for character modification to create an original brand identity, and a font solution for multiple territories with specific language support.

    F37 Ginger BoldF37 Ginger Regular
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