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Project Font Licensed F37 Ginger

License F37 Ginger


Based in San Francisco and partnered by GM and Honda, GM Cruise is driving the future of autonomous vehicles.


Cruise is a self-driving car service designed for major global cities. The company’s vehicles are purpose-built for self-driving at a dedicated GM manufacturing plant in Michigan, USA. Cutting-edge hardware and software work seamlessly together to transform the way we experience city transport.

The Brief

Moving Brands (San Francisco) handled the development and launch of the GM Cruise brand. They wanted to achieve a clean, uncluttered, modern look with a confident, forward looking feel. It needed to stand out on the streets and work across a range of applications.

  • Delivery

    F37 Foundry was commissioned to provide typographic expertise and advice, working directly with GM Cruise directly in San Francisco.

    A regular cut of F37 Ginger was used as the global brand font. We delivered the highest quality font software for implementation across the entire organisation. This was applied to vehicle liveries, in-car navigation screens, outdoor advertising and all branding.

    F37 Ginger BoldF37 Ginger RegularF37 Ginger Light
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